We are ChangeAbility

We are ChangeAbility, an atypical NPO set on building communities by empowering individuals.

We pioneer programmes that change communities, by improving the lives of people with disabilities.

About Us
Our work is all about change.

We see the change that comes from supporting ability rather than focusing on disability.
In fact, we think ‘disability’ is a matter of opinion.
That’s why we’ve set out to rattle perceptions and harness potential.
We choose to show one another how able we are, instead of boxing ourselves into constructs.
We choose to uproot assumptions and challenge stereotypes.
Get Involved

It starts with community

If you’re part of a community, you should be contributing – full stop. Nothing should stop anyone from living a meaningful, fulfilling life. We all deserve support and the opportunity to express ourselves.
We all deserve to be part of a bigger picture.

By working together, we know we can make an extraordinary difference.We can change the way people access their inner ability – for good.

Our Team

We’re all for community. We begin by recruiting a peer supporter in a community that needs us. Peer supporters are people living with disability, who work with us for change in their communities.Read more