Our journey with a community begins by recruiting a peer supporter. The peer supporter is a person living with a disability and willing to work with us for change.
We currently work with four communities in the Cape Winelands.

Peer Supporters

Ricardo Lodewyk
Ricardo is our comeback kid! He’s been with us for years, but in different roles. He is a great
advocate for disability and fiercely loyal to his peers.
Masithemba Rotya
Masi is our latest recruit and jumped right into serving his community. He helped establish regular group activities in Kayamandi and is a great translator.
Wendell Leconie
Oom Wendell has been a volunteer group leader in Macassar for many years. He is loveable, friendly and very loyal. He’s also an avid advocate for the rights of his peers with disabilities in their community.

Rest of the Team/

Cindy Wiggett-Barnard | CEO
Cindy has a Doctorate in Psychology. She worked in academia but came to her senses. She wanted to help people – and to build ways to do it. She wants to establish an enduring organisation to create sustainable change. She’s particularly fond of fruit gums.

Hetsie Veitch  | Disability Awareness Coordinator
Hetsie rejoins the world of work after a stint as full-time PhD student in the States. She is a deep thinker and advocate for social justice. She’s been entrenched in the world of disability in many roles during her career and she’s not afraid to rock the boat when needed!

Anjeline Frans  | Chief Social Worker
Anjeline is new to ChangeAbility, but not to the world of disability. With three years’ experience in the field of disability and almost 10 years as a social worker, Anjeline is both passionate and committed to making a difference in the lives of our beneficiaries. She loves spending time outdoors with her family!

Luvo Mboxela | Social Worker
We have recruited Luvo from the coastal town of Mosselbay. He has great experience in helping beneficiaries with their social grants. He is energetic, lovable and the tallest member of our team!

Shane van Kerwel | Administrator
Shane joined the team recently and is also currently completing his bachelor’s degree. He’s our go-to in the office and beyond! In his spare time, he confidently takes his ridiculously fluffy dog for walkies!

Zikhona Mzoboshe  | Social Auxiliary Worker
Zikhona is new to the disability field, but has previous experience in child protection. She focuses on
our group activities and is a great supporting player in the community. Her giggle is delightful.


We are ultimately governed by our volunteer Management Committee.
Corporate governance and representation are enormously important to us.

Jeremy Hazell
Jeremy is an experienced access consultant and marketer. As a person living with a disability, he guides us in advocating for change and raising awareness. He has excellent taste in wine (swirls it around and everything)
Nawal Adams
Nawal has a degree in Industrial Psychology. Her background in administration
and human relations helps us to run everything smoothly. She is currently learning to be a social media wiz!
Marcia Lyner-Cleophas
Marcia heads the disability unit at her university and has a PhD in educational psychology. She loves
a good debate and is dedicated to inclusive nation building.
Luigia Nicholas
Luigia is busy with her postgrad studies and has a keen interest in leadership development. She is a
real go-getter and, as a person living with a disability, a real advocate for disability inclusion.
Jacolene Quinn
Jacolene has a strong financial background and currently works as treasurer at a prominent holding
company. She loves optimising and has a keen eye for spotting new opportunities.
Joshua Bothma
Joshua is the founder and director of an online educational institute. He is an entrepreneur at heart, with a passion for helping people who are not properly recognised by society.