Our journey with a community begins by recruiting a peer supporter. The peer supporter is a person living with a disability and willing to work with us for change.
We currently work with four communities in the Cape Winelands.

Peer Supporters

Mesadi Bobbejee
Mesadi hopes to be a catalyst for real change and has a history of serving her peers in her community. Her greatest goal is to ensure that people with disabilities attain easy access to transport.
Maryline October
Maryline wants to make life easier and happier for her peers in the community. She has been a wonderful volunteer in our Macassar exercise group over the past few years.
Juanita Davids
Juanita has a passion to work with people with disabilities. She most looks forward to meeting people with different disability types and to improve service delivery for her peers in Macassar.
Salwen Constable
Salwen is already the go-to guy for all disability-related queries in his community and firmly believes that he has become a better person through serving as a peer supporter. He is not only a mentor to his peers, but also to our new peer supporters.
Patrick Makuliwe
Patrick is a passionate individual, has great work experience background and is a real team player. He wants to improve the lives of his peers in Kayamandi, especially with regards to lobbying for greater accessibility and assistive devices.

Team Leaders

Cindy Wiggett-Barnard | CEO
Cindy has a Doctorate in Psychology. She worked in academia but came to her senses. She wanted to help people – and to build ways to do it. She wants to establish an enduring organisation to create sustainable change. She’s particularly fond of fruit gums.

Roeline Robyn  | Community Coordinator (Social Worker)
Roeline has vast experience working in the disability field. Her focus is on promoting well-being and building a formidable community-based team. When she’s not working, she cheers for her beloved Stormers and dreams of doing the tango again!

Anthea De Villiers | Social Auxiliary Worker
Anthea is new to the disability field, but has many years’ experience in child protection. She focuses on our group activities and is a great supporting player in the community. Her smile lights up any room!

Shane van Kerwel | Administrator
Shane joined the team recently and is also currently completing his bachelor’s degree. He’s our go-to in the office and beyond! In his spare time, he confidently takes his ridiculously fluffy dog for walkies!


We are ultimately governed by our volunteer Management Committee. Corporate governance and representation are enormously important to us.

Jeremy Hazell
Jeremy is an experienced access consultant and marketer. As a person living with a disability, he guides us in advocating for change and raising awareness. He has excellent taste in wine (swirls it around and everything)
Remerta Basson
Remerta is a qualified CA and lectures in accounting. She makes sure we’re up to scratch with our finances and donors. She has a thing for Excel spreadsheets, which is completely bizarre (but very handy).
Hester Scholtz
Hester has years of experience in the non-profit sector. She strongly believes in lifelong learning, raising awareness and community involvement. She’s a complete over-achiever and speaks five languages.
Beauty Makanda
Beauty is our free thinker and experienced entrepreneur. She knows the ins and
outs of keeping a small business going and uplifting members of the community
through employment.
Nawal Adams
Nawal has a degree in Industrial Psychology. Her background in administration
and human relations helps us to run everything smoothly. She is currently learning to be a social media wiz!
Ricardo Lodewyk
Ricardo is our newest member. He served as our peer supporter in Cloetesville for the past three years. He’s also hilarious and provides a welcome distraction when most needed!